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Why family dinners?

Ridgefield is celebrating families!

​The goal of the Family Facetime project is to make it easier for families to connect,  with fun, technology-free family dinners!

 What if there was one change you could make to improve your kids’ vocabulary, resilience and self-esteem while decreasing their likelihood of eating disorders,  substance abuse & other risky behaviors?

The good news is that regular family dinners have been shown to do all of the above!  Research consistently shows  what parents have known for a long time:

sharing a fun family meal is good for all family members.  

There are many ways for families to stay connected and communicating, but regular family dinners can help you build that time for connection into the family routine. 

We know that it is not always easy to find the time.

There are so many things (some of them great things) pulling your family in different directions.  The Family Facetime project wants to support you in developing and maintaining the family dinner habit!


How Much Emphasis Should We Put on Family Dinner?
Real Simple ”Things Cooks Know” Podcast, Live 10/15

The most important thing you can do with your kids? Eat dinner with them.  Anne Fischel, Washington Post

The Family Dinner Project 

Take the Common Sense Media Device Free Dinner Challenge!

Laura Krastner, PhD. Video series:

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